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Website of the month nomination

November 13 2013 | News

We have been nominated for Heart Internets November website of the month. It would really help us if you could click the below link and give us 5 stars if you think we deserve to win.


New Website Launch

October 3 2013 | News

Hello and welcome to our brand new, clean and shiny website. We have redesigned our whole website from the ground up with the help of PJ Studio. Our new website will work on every device big or small and has been optimized for mobile devices. Over the next couple of weeks we have lot of…


Who is Ramon?

August 29 2013 | Ebook

Ramon is the best player in the world, better than the likes of Tiger, Nicklaus, Watson, and Wie. So why haven’t you ever heard of him? Who’s Ramon? Ramon is better than Tiger Woods, he’s better than Jack Nicklaus, in fact he is the greatest golfer who ever swung a golf club and yet you’ve…


Clarky Claims the Claret Jug

July 18 2011 | News

I have a new found respect for fans of the British Open who are in another time zone especially if that time zone happens to be in places like Sydney Australia (9 hours in front of British summer time) Buenos Aires and Tokyo (8 hours in front) and in particular where I’m currently located in…

Oh to be 10 years old again

July 3 2011 | Blog

Oh to be 10 years old again Instead of heading straight to the professional tours for this Sunday’s inspiration I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me this week that changed my mind set for good. It happened in the middle of this week, I had just played 18 holes at…

The house that Annika built

June 26 2011 | Blog

The house that Annika built Just 7 days ago Ror’s captured his first major Championship at the tender age of 22. Throughout the week and especially after the 72 holes were completed we heard a constant barrage of players and commentators alike alluding to the fact that this boy was a future superstar likely to…

Rory’s 4-minute mile

June 19 2011 | Blog

Rory’s 4-minute mile You can read reports in USA Today, the Golf Channel or even Golf.com telling you exactly how Rory won his first Major Championship the US Open today by 8 shots.  So I’m not going to spend time doing that and anyway most of you reading this will have been watching the last…

Rocky out punches the field in Turin & “The inner game”

June 12 2011 | News

Rocky out punches the field in Turin & “The inner game” The like-able and talented ball striker Robert Rock ended an almost decade wait for his maiden European Tour victory with a hugely impressive 5 under par 67 to win the Italian Open. His round included 6 birdies in 7 holes between the 5th and…

The Fun Factor golf with Alex Noren

June 6 2011 | Blog

The Fun Factor golf with Alex Noren I’d like to introduce you to the golfer Alex Noren from Sweden.  Alex managed to capture his 2nd European Tour Victory yesterday after winning the Wales Open by one shot at Celtic Manor the home of last years Ryder Cup. The message I’d like to share with you…

Donald Ducks his way to No.1

May 29 2011 | News

Donald Ducks his way to No1 If there has been a male golfer that many handicap golfers could relate to in world golf of late, it’s Luke Donald. At today’s BMW PGA Championship, Donald secured his place as the   No1 golfer in the world with a birdie on the first extra hole, ironically beating the…

The Ultimate Golf Plan

April 18 2011 | News

Whatever part of your game you want to improve, find the answers here in the ultimate Professionals & handicap players back catalog. Dave’s Favourite Videos season 1 My 12 favourite tips and drills from season 1 of iGolftv, watch these and you’ll be well on your way to playing the best golf of your life….

How to create luck

April 18 2011 | Blog

Do you feel that you have a lot of bad luck on the course? so do 98% of other golfers. The elite few know how to create their own and use this to consistently achieve greatness. Lets get one thing straight. Almost every golfer on the planet believes they are unlucky. They would fight you…

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