Week 1- Putting

Week 1- Putting
Welcome to week 1 of the iGolftv Training Plan. This week we focus on putting starting close to the hole and working our way back. Be sure to watch every video and work on everything I mention. Do this and we have a great base to move off the green and into the short game next week.

What you need to develop to become a great putter
The first thing i want you to understand with putting is the most important thing to being a great putter is attitude, you have to have a positive “im never gonna miss” attitude.

The Secret every PGA Tour Pro knows
A great putter has a consistent putting routine, watch the on TV. Every putt is treated exactly the same whether a 30ft tricky left to right or a simple 3ft tap in. Their routine is the same.

99% of the best putters in the world do this
Tips dont have to be complicated to help improve your game and you know what? this is one of them. When putting grip the club so lightly, feel how soft it is in your hands and try and keep that soft grip pressure exactly the same throughout the whole stroke.

North, East, South, West putting drill
We now need to start to get good from inside 3ft, 6ft, and 9ft. This drill will help you achieve that greatness, if we are confident from this distance we can take that consistency to our short game knowing that if we can get it to within 9ft we have a great chance of holing the putt.

Long putting drill 5 balls
Now on to long putts, you will see on a lot of our videos we use a 3ft circle around the hole, this is our ‘safe’ area if we can get the ball into that circle we know we are not going to miss. Setup 5 long putts around the green, dont hit them from the same place, this will give you different lines, break and pace putts. Use your instinct on each putt don’t take to much time feel natural over the ball and get it down into your 3ft circle, if any are outside it prove to yourself you can hole it.

You should have now watched and worked on all the techniques mentioned in this first week of videos. To make sure you are working on all the correct things watch our conclusion to week one and take notes of the things you should have learnt.

Next week we move onto the short game in my opinion the most important part of the game so im super excited for you to see what we have in store.

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