Week 10-Mind tips

Week 10-Mind tips
Bobby Jones: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.”
I think thats all I need to say about this section.

How to putt like a PGA pro
If someone told you to try less when playing golf what would you tell them? Well this drill I think will suprise you and you will have to get out there and practice it to be able to believe how much it effects your game

Par 2’s 3’s & 4’s
This tip will blow your mind, its common sense and it means conditioning your mind to a new way of thinking but if you master it you will become the next Tiger.

What to think about before pulling the trigger
We have so many swing thoughts going on before we hit the ball and many of us dont know which one works, but this tip will have you thinking about the right things and feeling the right feelings before you hit the best shot of your life.

Switch off the buzzing
The most annoying noise in golf which we normally hear after a bad hole. There is a solution though.

Switch off the buzzing part 2
Learn to let go, you cant change what has all ready happened but you can control the future. shake it off, get that head up and get back in the zone.

Mind tips conclusion
Right what have we learnt this week, its quite an intense topic the mind. There is a lot of things to take into account and practice on and sometimes its hard to stick with it but believe me stay committed and your scores are going to dramatically change for the better.