Week 11-driver

Week 11-driver
It’s taken 11 weeks before we get the big dog out from the bag and that shows how important the previous tips have been, although we all love ripping the driver its not the most important club in the bag.

How to hit it long
These few tips will have you hitting the longest drives of your life, by simple setup tips, and some great thoughts to have you will be ripping the driver long and straight all the time.

Different height drivers
Have you experimented with the ball tee’d up on different heights, just by teeing the ball up at different heights you can play some different shots. Check em out.

Workout your 85% driver distance
Just by using a 7 iron we can find out the distance of our driver. I know an easy 7 goes 162 yds but i can control the distance if i want to go shorter or a little bit longer. By working out your driver distance you will be able to control it more off the tee.

Think before you tee the ball up
A simple tip that will give you a much better chance of a decent tee shot. All the pros do this so no excuse for you not to.

Dog leg tactics
Instead of taking on a high risk shot and trying to shape the ball around a dog leg lets be clever and play it in a very clever way.

Driver conclusion
Now that was a lot of fun huh? If you follow these tips there is absolutely no way you wont be scoring lower than ever before. Lets recap on what we’ve learnt.