Week 12-Practice Routines

Week 12-Practice Routines
If its not helping your scoring then its not helping. Thats the theme of this weeks videos. We’ve worked hard over the past 12 weeks to get every part of your game as good as possible. Now heres a few practice routines to help keep that consistency.

How to put like a PGA tour pro
This drill will help with your putting, get that level down and then down some more it really will help with your putting + your overall attitude.

Secrets to up and downing it everytime
Heres a great scoring game which will have you feeling the pressure whilst practicing getting it up and down.

Plan your game
Plan your game but also plan your future practice. Its easy really, yes it takes dedication BUT it really does work!

Pressure press up putting
A long putting challenge, a physical challenge and a mental challenge all in one. We need to get used to putting under pressure and there is no better way than with this drill.

Push up target practice
Another physical challenge for you but this one moves us from the green and on to the range. be strict on yourself but be realistic to. You will start feeling the pressure.

Practice routines conclusion
Although this is our final week of the training plan it doesnt mean its the end, its so important to go back through every week and watch all the videos over and over again, watching them once will help watching them 3 times will make a difference. Heres the things we spoke about this week and the things i want you to remember.