Week 2-Short game inside 30 yards

Week 2 – Short game inside 30 yards

Time for what is in my opinion the most important part of the game. The short game. All the greats in the world are lethal from inside 30 yards. Want to know the secrets to their success. Well this weeks videos will let you in on them. I want you all to work so hard on the drills, tips and techniques that i give you this week and because its the most important week of your golfing future I want you to fully understand it, so leave any comments or questions below.

Left arm only
To start this week I really want you to focus on getting a consistent connection with the ball and this tip will help you get that. It may cause a couple people to give you a look on the range but it will be well worth it when your striking those chips so pure and putting them inside 3ft every time.

Amazing chipping technique
By setting up to the ball correctly you will find that your short game will seriously improve. Here an amazing technique to practice that will get you so confident over the ball.

Chip & run secrets
We have all seen the top pros play the chip and run giving it a chance to attack the hole, they look amazing, get the crowd going as the ball rolls up to the hole and are actually quite easy to play, IF you know how to play them. Thats what i show you in this video. The secrets to the chip and run.

Simple bunker tip
Oh no!! we’ve found ourselves in the bunker. How many of you enter the bunker with an attitude thats not going to help you get the ball out first time? now, how many of you enter the bunker with that same attitude and dont have a clue how to even play the shot? let alone get the ball close. Well in this video I show you exactly how to play the shot so next time you find yourself on the beach you can walk in feeling confident as ever.

Week 2 – Conclusion
So what have we learnt this week?
1) Left arm helps striking
2) Weight left-side 80 / 20
3) Low not high shots
4) Bunkers are easy
5) Become a short game addict