Week 3-Wedge game inside 120 yards

This week we focus on the wedge game, if you can get good from inside the 120 yard mark you will be making a fair few birdies.

“This is what makes a good player.”

If you can get the ball down to 120 yards and then have the confidence that you will put it close from here then it will take the pressure off the rest of your game.

We will work on Focus, how the pros pitch the ball, a drill to work on controlling distance, different ways to flight your wedges and the skip wedge shot. This will give you a great base to go away and work hard on putting it close every time.

Focus focus focus
Lets get serious now. We need to know where we are going to hit the ball, not just a rough area, exactly where are we going to hit it? now zone in on that target focus on the target, dont just look at it, absorb it, see everything about it. Imagine your shot landing on it or seriously close to it, feel how relaxed you are and confident that you are going to execute the shot. Now after focusing on the hole for a decent amount of time go ahead and take your shot. Don’t think about your swing or mechanics just let the swing do its thing.

Pitch it like a pro
The top pros strike the ball so pure every time and heres how. They know the positions they need to get their body into they know where to distribute their weight and how to work the legs through the swing. Follow the steps in this video and you will be chasing the hole and giving yourself a decent chance of holing a few.

Learn to flight your wedges
In this video Dave explains how to fly the ball at different heights and different trajectories using a simple technique you can add 3 or 4 different shots to your game allowing you to attack the hole without getting to aggressive. You will be surprised at how much this will change your game.

25, 50, 75, 100 yard drill
A great drill to work on to get confident from different distances. If you havnt got the ability to set this one up yourself just use different distance flags on the range and get good at landing it that distance.

The skip wedge shot
Another great shot to have in your locker. Players that use this shot consistently score low. Its a great way of getting the ball onto the green and then stopping it where you want to stop it.

So there you have it. Get out there and work on the things i have said in the above videos practice them and spend time perfecting them. Here is a quick outline of what you should have learnt. Now keep an eye out for next weeks videos all about setting up to the ball.