Week 4-Setting up to the golf ball

It amazing how important the setup is. So many player don’t spend enough time concentrating on this part of the game, therefore this week we are going to get you setting up to the golf ball in the best way possible.

A good player looks like a good player

The grip made easy
“A mans grip on his golf club is like his grip on life”
In this video Dave talks you through 3 golf grips and shows you how to do each one

Tips for posture
There are so many different golf swings on the tour but not many different setups. This video Dave goes through some great tips to get you looking and feeling like a tour pro. The difference that good posture will make to swing will be unbelievable.

Power Moves
Understanding where to create power in the swing will really help in gaining that extra distance. These simple moves will have you creating extra power in that swing.

Grip the ground with your feet
Get a great relationship with the ground, theres spikes on the bottom of golf shoes for a reason.

Setting up to the ball conclusion
Heres a breakdown of everything we’ve worked on this week, remember if you have any questions to get in touch and let us know how your getting on.