Week 7- Rhythm and tempo

Week 7- Rhythm and tempo

Rhythm is the glue to the golf swing

And that is the topic of this week, We will work through drills and tips to have you swinging the club smoother, with more rhythm and ultimately more consistency.
You will see top professionals practicing these drills on a daily basis and if during a round they get up tight they will come straight back to these tips and tricks to get them back on track.

Seve Ballesteros Rhythm drill
Seve not only left us with memories of some of the best golf ever played he also left us with this great drill to help with rhythm. If you find it hard to remember all of our drills just make sure this is one that you do.

Smooth smooth smooth
Without even seeing your swing I will be able to give you a tip that will make you a better player. How easy to you swing the club when you take a practice swing? then when you go to hit the ball that smoothness evaporates and you want to hit the ball as hard as you can. Watch this drill and you will be hitting the ball so pure.

Get some fluidity
Golf is a sport right? well why are we so rigid over the ball. We need to bring some fluidity into your game, more athleticism. This will really help you get the ball flying right at that flag.

Grip pressure 1/10
We’ve all heard the saying grip it and rip it well this tip focuses on the grip part. How tight do you hold the club? the tighter you hold it the more forced your swing will be. We want everything to feel natural so we need to get that grip pressure down. This video will show you how.

Simple, simple, simple
Less is definitely more. What do you think about when you play your best golf? Not much? right, so lets get back to basics and keep it suuuuuper simple. Its harder than it looks though, this tip will help you.

Rhythm and tempo conclusion
Heres a reminder of everything you should have learnt this week, now get out there and get some suuuuper awesome rhythm and tempo.