Week 8-Strategy

Week 8-Strategy
The area most neglected by the amateur golfer is strategy and its amazing how many shots you can save just by having a plan or an understanding on where to be off the tee and the best part of the green to miss on. These videos will have you dropping shots off you game without even touching your swing mechanics, its that simple.

How to become a more intelligent player
Plan out every single round, walk the course or grab a buggy a pick the holes which are easy pars and analyze the places where you can miss and the places you really want to stay away from. A simple video but listen to what I have to say and you WILL save shots.

Miss the green in the right spot
We need to learn to think one shot ahead. A lot of players will find themselves in this scenario all the time. A little bit of forward thinking though can seriously help you save that par.

Play smart from trouble
When you find yourselves in trouble what do you do? hit and hope? we this video will change that and stop some serious damage on your card.
A quick swing tip as well will have you hitting shots low under the trees.

Dont short side yourself
This video will educate you on what short siding yourself is, this great explanation makes so much sense and will change your game for life, a little bit of research and clever thinking will leave you an easier next shot.

Strategy conclusion
We should now have an understanding on how important strategy is to saving shots. Watch this recap of everything we have been through and you will be dropping even more shots off that score.