Week 9-Bunker play

Week 9-Bunker play
Want to be the best bunker player in your group, well these tips will take you through how to get the ball out everytime, how to control distance, how to play different bunker shots and how to build up the perfect rhythm.

The best bunker tip ever told
This is the real secrets of getting the ball out every time. once we have this technique mastered we can move on and learn to control distance, accuracy and rhythm.

Changing the rhythm changes the distance
This simple tip will help you with controlling the distance out of the bunkers, you will need to put some work in to know exactly how far a certain rhythm takes the ball but by knowing the fundamentals of this tip will seriously improve your bunker play.

Secrets to long bunker shots
The secrets to the long bunker shot is commitment. There are a few other secrets to but you will have to watch the video to find them out.

Fairway bunker drill
If you’ve watched all our previous videos you should find yourself in a fairway bunker BUT if for some strange reason you do here are the tips you need to get the ball out and into the best position possible.

Bunker play conclusion
Some interesting videos this week and a lot of information for you to take in. Here are the main points I want you to focus on next time you get out and practice.