Chipping left arm only

• I grip the club solely in my left hand
• I want to get used to turning the left shoulder, the left shoulder is what drives my backswing
• It will allow me to grip the club very lightly and softly giving me maximum feel and touch
• Gripping the club with just my left hand enables me to improve the rhythm and speed I swing the club
• I resist the tendency to allow the left wrist to break down at impact, rather I enjoy the feeling of firming (not tightening) the back of the wrist at that crucial impact/striking position
• I know that if I can strike the ball consistently well with just one hand it will be easy with two, let the swing flow, don’t try to manipulate the shot
• I set up a 3 foot circle to aim at but don’t be to concerned if everyone doesn’t immediately finish inside the circle
• I make sure everything is in line, feet, knees, shoulders etc
• I only use my left arm in the drill, I even move the next ball into position with my left hand, my right stays in my pocket or behind my back
• Finally when I add my right hand I can feel very confident that this practicing will insure that my strike, consistency and results definitely improve with 2 hands


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