Connection Drill

To be able to swing the club so that it is connected, firstly I need to understand exactly what connection is.
Connection happens when I am able to turn my upper body and my arms together.  I lose connection when I allow just my arms to move independently.
I need to remember that my shoulders turn my arms rather than my arms turning my shoulders.
I if lose my connection through my swing it means that I have to rely on timing.  Timing is much more difficult to get consistent with day in day out.
A way for me to get the feel of connection is to place a towel under both of my armpits, this give me the feeling that the arm are pressing against the body.
Now using a higher lofted club like a 9 iron, set up to the ball and then as we take the club away, if the arms turn without the shoulders it causes me to get disconnected and it creates separation, this results in the towel falling from either armpit, however if my swing is more connected the towel will stay in position.
First of all try this move without a ball, but then after that just try hitting some ¾ shots.  Remember I am trying to turn my left shoulder back behind the ball.
This drill will really help me to learn to use my bigger muscles rather than just my hands and arms.


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