How Tiger Woods Controls his Trajectory

How Tiger Woods Controls his trajectory
Johnny Miller said during the 2010 Honda Classic
“You will never be truly great if you can control your Trajectory”
This is key for many reasons
A lot of players make the mistake of thinking that they only need to control their trajectory when its windy, that’s really poor thinking and understanding of how to be the best.
Tiger only become good with his wedges when he learnt to control the trajectory and stop hitting everything flat out.
Michelson is an unbelievably good player we all know that, but the reality is he didn’t start winning major Championships until he made some changes and one of those was controlling his trajector
When the ball flies to high in the air its in the hands of the golfing gods, it can be hit by a gust wind, basically it’s potentially out of control.
Keeping the ball lower especially with your wedges will make you so much better, I really cant stress this point enough.
The best way to control the height is by controlling the length of the follow through……Tiger style.
Tiger’s wedge game didn’t really become great until he learnt to flight his wedges the ultimate way…….are you taking this in, don’t just watch it, listen and learn it.


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