Putting Attitude Video no.1

Putting Attitude Video No1

Take care of business, I make sure my fundamentals are correct. I live in a world of no excuses

I’m going to do this pretty quick because this is not what makes a good putter and I wanna get onto that stuff……. however for all of you who want to know how the pro’s do it here it is.
If you do 4 or more of the following things chances are you’ll be looking pretty good when you putt, as in every aspect of golf great putters look like great putters before they roll the ball.

• Head and eye line over the ball, I prefer slightly inside the ball
• Feet, knees, hips, shoulders should all be square
• Feel like the legs are made of stone, these should never move
• Let the arms hang naturally, let them go where they were designed to go
• Head position natural, some coaches say here, others say here, I say keep it loosey goosey, that means natural
• The grip, well in honesty there are so many variations don’t get to bogged down with what’s right and what’s wrong, there’s probably 60 different styles in the worlds top 100, however all the great one’s follow these principles. Palms facing each other, soft grip pressure,
• Show the 3 most popular grips, Tigers grip, Jim Furyk, finger overlap, lot of players used this grip when they were kids, which may or may not tell us something, there’s not many bad 12-year-old putters out there.
• If you nail most of these principles and you aim it good your gunna have some success……….!!


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