Sequencing the swing (made simple)

Sequencing the Swing Made Easy (written in 1st person so you can read it as you)
Simple works best.
Good players nail the address position, they know that if they are in a good position to start with they increase the chance of making a good swing
I take time in aiming my club at the target.
I make sure to get my feet, knees, hips and shoulders squarely aligned to my target with my hands slightly in front of the ball.
Start the swing with my left shoulder not my hands and arms.
Let my left shoulder drive my golf swing, this will help me to increase the opportunity to swing the club on a good line and plain.
Maintaining connection on my back swing will dramatically help me to coil the top half of my body against my lower half of my body.
Once I get to the top of the back swing position I let the arms fall, the way I create this feeling is by allowing my hips to move towards my left hand side.
I use these 3 visual images to help me to understand how to release my hips.
Throwing a ball down the range, releasing my right side.
A boxer throwing a punch, releasing his right side.
Skimming a stone across a pond, releasing my right side.
Now it doesn’t take a genius to spot the common trait above!
I work hard at improving my visual education.
Once I get to the top of my swing, I allow the arm to fall and the hips to release.
At the top of my swing I have created excellent resistance by coiling the top half and the bottom half of my body
From here I try to keep the club head driving towards the target, I’m mindful to not start to try and scoop the ball. If I can keep the club head tracking towards my target instead of cutting across the ball, I am reducing the amount of sidespin that I am putting on the ball.
I have worked hard to become a big believer in holding my finish until the ball stops moving, if I practice like this it gives me amazing feedback, I want to become one of the players others watch and try to copy.
My back is nice and straight at the end of my swing. I need to follow these steps religiously and if I do this my game will dramatically improve!!


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