Technique for Pitching it Close

Great pitches all have one thing in common

They consistently hit their chosen landing spot with the right trajectory

Remember trajectory tips

My feet, knees, hips and shoulders square to the ball

Arms hanging naturally in front of my body with my rear sticking out, creating some really great lines and angles

The difference with a pitch shot in comparison to a full swing shot is that I am going to get my weight position far more on my left hand side because I am trying to create a descending strike almost pinching or squeezing the ball.

My hands sit in front of the ball almost touching the inside of my left thigh.

My 2 secrets to hitting awesomely consistent pitch shots is to softly turn the left shoulder and upper half of my body on the back swing keeping my lower half very still.  Now this is very important, I don’t release now with the upper part of my body I concentrate on allowing only my legs and in particular my right leg to release, which in turn will automatically result in my hands and arms dropping crisply back into impact

This controls the flight better and more consistently than I can sometimes believe.

I work hard on understanding the rules of efficiency, this means that I don’t take the club to far back on my back swing rather I am always making sure the club is accelerating into impact.

I know that I don’t need to be to fancy with spin, just get into the habit of producing a consistent strike and let the 2 bounces followed by the check and spin, take care of themselves.

Finally I practice hitting the same shot over and over again, I want the same flight, same spin and the same release every time.


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