The iGolftv Tennis Ball Challenge

For those of you that are new around here we want to make sure that you get chance to see some of our videos from season 1 & 2 before joining us for season 3. We have some fantastic videos in these first two series which will be a shame to let sit in the archives of our website.

For those of you that have been with us from as early on as seasons 1 & 2 use this as a recap because they are still as relevent now as they were back then.

Todays Blast from the past
The official iGolftv Putting Challenge. This is possibly the best putting tip I will ever give you, It gets you more focused on your stroke, read and speed and is a great mind golf tip. When you put a golf ball back into play after hitting say 20 putts with a tennis ball the hole starts to look massive and its like the golf ball cant miss.

Work on short game tips as that is where the money is made.


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