The Modern Posture Position

To many players including some tournament professionals fail to realise just how important the legs are in the set up.
But know for certain that if you have your legs in a great position to begin with it makes everything else there after a lot easier.
If I have to little knee flex I will lose balance and power, to much though and I wont be able to turn and coil properly……….yep it’s important.
Great thought for me. Stand like i’m Roger Federer about to return a serve or like I’m David James about to save a penalty . Remember golf’s an athletic sport so I should stand like that not like I’m ordering a glass of pimms at the Henley Regatta.
I need to bend forwards from the hips and waist, setting an awesome spine angle ……this again increases the odds of my swing being on the correct plain. I make sure the feet, knee’s, hips and shoulders are all square.
Poor posture very often accounts for a poor swing, work hard on this area and I will dramatically increase my odds of having an efficient repeatable golf swing.
I feel my weight running down the inside of my legs and into the inside of my feet, if anything I want to feel the weight moving down through the inside of your legs into the inside of both feet. Imagine I could hold a beach ball between my knees.
From here I allow my hands to hang just in front of my shoulders, once I reach this position I will be able to make a great triangle with the shoulders and arms, becoming a Y-shape when I’m holding the club.
My left shoulder should naturally be a little higher than my right as my right hand is positioned on the club below my left. (Opposite for left hander’s)
Tips to work on your posture:
• Use a mirror at the range or at home
• Get someone to take a video or a photograph of me at address
• Compare my address position to a tour player
• Watch, study, understand and then implement the great swings that i can see on TV or the Internet. Watch watch watch. Fill my mind with great images and my body will react
Remember the better the quality of my posture position at the start of my swing the greater the chance of producing a great golf swing.
All that’s left is the simple task of gripping the club correctly, here’s what i need to do. 3 grips to choose from:
• Overlap
• Interlocking
• Baseball
Whatever I decide on, follow these rules:
• Make sure that both V’s point towards my right shoulder
• I should be gripping it in the fingers
• My thumbs are on top of the grip
• Hands face each other
• Grip it softly
Now from here I’m ready to swing, go and watch the video on sequencing the swing and learn and understand what the top players do so well.


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