The Putting Setup

If you want to be consistently great at putting there are certain fundamentals that you have to follow.

The majority of great putters look like great putters before they roll the ball.

  1. Ball position: You should be trying to position your head and eye line over the top of the ball or slightly inside the ball
  2. Feet, knees, hips, shoulders should all be square
  3. Feel like the legs are made of stone, these should almost never move, except on really long putts
  4. Let the arms hang naturally, let them go where they were designed to go, which is hanging out in front of us
  5. Head position natural, some coaches say let the head hang totally relaxed, others say hold it out high and firm, my tip is to keep it naturally relaxed
  6. The grip, well in honesty there are so many variations don’t get to bogged down with what’s right and what’s wrong, there’s probably 60 different styles in the worlds top 100, however all the great one’s follow these principles.  Palms facing each other, soft grip pressure,
  7. 3 styles of grip:
    1. Tigers grip, reverse over lap
    2. Jim Furyk Left hand below right
    3. Both fore fingers pointing down the shaft
    4. Keep the ball positioned just in front of the middle of your stance so that the stroke is beginning the up stroke as you make contact with the ball

If you can follow these key principles and you aim it correctly your going to have some serious success.


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