Unlock The Chip & Run

The technique I need to master to make sure I am able to get it up and down from every where

Posture position:

  • Stand tall
  • Flex the knees
  • Keep the lower half of the body nice and solid

I am trying to keep the hands in front of the ball.  I can do this immediately at address; my left hand should be in line with the inside of my left thigh, 80% of my weight should be on my left side so it makes it easy to strike the ball with a descending blow.

The left shoulder should start the club back; this makes swing very simple and efficient.

Keep my grip pressure light.

Once I reach the top of my back swing, I am going to let the club drop or fall naturally through to a held follow through position, I will feel almost all my weight now on my left side.

I am very efficient on the length of swing, always maintaining a slight acceleration on the downswing.

Always set up the 3 foot circle when practicing.

I am always meticulous about my set up; I know that if I set up correctly my percentage chance of hitting a great shot dramatically increases.  Most poor chip shots are the result of a bad set up position.

I’m using the clubs on the ground to assist my aiming as I practice

Take time to aim the club correctly

To improve the fastest I need to stop worrying about hitting poor shots, stop trying to manipulate every shot, follow the simple steps and learn to trust myself.

Let’s start to find out just how good I can be !


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