How to be Super Confident on the 1st Tee

A very common question I get asked is how to beat those 1st tee nerves.

Many players get to the first tee and begin to lose all of the confidence they’ve built up on the practice ground the way to start taking control of those 1st tee nerves is to do this:

Go to the practice range and visualize the 1st hole, be specific, picture the slope on the fairway, the bunkering etc.

Now select the club you are intending to use and practice hitting the shot you would like to play, really imagine your practice shot is the real thing, notice how the shot is struck, how it fly’s and where it finishes, almost be an interested spectator as to the result.

Every tournament professional will do this drill before they head to the first tee.

Make sure you go through your pre-shot routine exactly as you would on the first tee, the more real you can make the process the more it is benefiting you.

If you can go ahead and hit 5 or 6 shots exactly as you would like them off the 1st tee you will be a different player as you head to the tee box.

Now you find yourself stood on the 1st tee, those nerves are replaced with confidence because you’ve prepared yourself in a smart way.

You will still have some nerves but the more you practice this the more you will be training yourself to stay in control of them.

Go through your pre-shot routine and execute the shot, resist the urge to second guess yourself, you should be almost picturing yourself on the practice ground, feel that level of comfort and confidence.

Enjoy hitting the shot for a change, you know it’s going to be good and that’s key.

Then nail it down the middle, wow, what a way to set up a great day and a great round.

Practice this over and over again because it really will benefit you.


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