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Do you want to know the SECRETS that every tour pro uses to DROP SHOTS off their scores every week?

These simple tips work for everyone.

We know your busy and don’t always have time to work on your game. Which is why we have made it super simple for you to practice the RIGHT THINGS. The simple tips, drills and lessons inside this game changing 12 part training plan, which are all filmed in the highest quality in the best locations are guaranteed if practiced correctly to lower your scores.

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Here is what’s waiting inside for you:

Part 1 – Putting

These videos focus on putting, starting close to the hole and working our way back. Be sure to watch every video and work on everything I mention. Do this and we have a great base to move off the green and into the short game.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– What you need to develop to become a great putter
– The Secret every PGA Tour Pro knows
– 99% of the best putters in the world do this
– North, East, South, West putting drill
– Long putting drill 5 balls
– Conclusion

Part 2 – Short Game inside 30 yards

Time for what is in my opinion the most important part of the game. The short game. All the greats in the world are lethal from inside 30 yards. Want to know the secrets to their success. Well these videos will let you in on them. I want you all to work so hard on the drills, tips and techniques that I give you today and because its the most important part of your golfing future I want you to fully understand it, so leave any comments or questions below.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– Left arm only
– Amazing chipping technique
– Chip & run secrets
– Simple bunker tip
– Conclusion

Part 3 – Wedge game inside 120 yards

In this part we focus on the wedge game, if you can get good from inside the 120 yard mark you will be making a fair few birdies.
“This is what makes a good player.”
If you can get the ball down to 120 yards and then have the confidence that you will put it close from here then it will take the pressure off the rest of your game.
We will work on focus, how the pros pitch the ball, a drill to work on controlling distance, different ways to flight your wedges and the skip wedge shot. This will give you a great base to go away and work hard on.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– Focus focus focus
– Pitch it like a pro
– Learn to flight your wedges
– 25, 50, 75, 100 yard drill
– The skip wedge shot
– Conclusion

Part 4 – Setting up to the golf ball

Its amazing how important the setup is. So many players dont spend enough time concentrating on this part of the game, therefore in this series we are going to get you setting up to the golf ball in the best way possible.
A good player looks like a good player.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– The grip made easy
– Tips for posture
– Power Moves
– Grip the ground with your feet
– Conclusion

Part 5 – The swing unlocked

Here it is, part 5 already, doesn’t time fly when your having fun. I hope you have been working on all the things ive been teaching you and that you are seeing a big difference to your game already. We would love to hear your stories so get in touch.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– The golf swing unlocked
– Super sequence tip
– Amazing swing check tip
– Connection definition
– Hips to power
– Swing tips for 40 plus
– Don’t over swing
– Conclusion

Part 6 – Balance

The more balanced you can be through your swing the better your shot will be and that is the theme for this series. Get out there practice the drills, tips and tricks mentioned and let us know how your getting on.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– Hold your finish
– Total balance drill
– Wider stance
– The golf swing unlocked
– Conclusion

Part 7 – Rhythm and tempo

Rhythm is the glue to the golf swing.
And that is the topic of this series of videos, We will work through drills and tips to have you swinging the club smoother, with more rhythm and ultimately more consistency.
You will see top professionals practicing these drills on a daily basis and if during a round they get up tight they will come straight back to these tips and tricks to get them back on track.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– Seve Ballesteros Rhythm drill
– Smooth smooth smooth
– Get some fluidity
– Grip pressure 1/10
– Simple, simple, simple
– Conclusion

Part 8 – Strategy

The area most neglected by the amateur golfer is strategy and its amazing how many shots you can save just by having a plan or an understanding on where to be off the tee and the best part of the green to miss on. These videos will have you dropping shots off you game without even touching your swing mechanics, its that simple.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– How to become a more intelligent player
– Miss the green in the right spot
– Play smart from trouble
– Don’t short side yourself
– Conclusion

Part 9 – Bunker play

Want to be the best bunker player in your group, well these tips will take you through how to get the ball out everytime, how to control distance, how to play different bunker shots and how to build up the perfect rhythm.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– The best bunker tip ever told
– Changing the rhythm changes the distance
– Secrets to long bunker shots
– Fairway bunker drill
– Conclusion

Part 10 – Mind Tips

Bobby Jones once said “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.”
I think that is all I need to say about this section.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– How to putt like a PGA pro
– Par 2′s 3′s & 4′s
– What to think about before pulling the trigger
– Switch off the buzzing
– Switch off the buzzing part 2
– Conclusion

Part 11 – Driver

It’s taken 11 series of videos before we get the big dog out from the bag and that shows how important the previous tips have been, although we all love ripping the driver its not the most important club in the bag.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– How to hit it long
– Different height drivers
– Workout your 85% driver distance
– Think before you tee the ball up
– Dog leg tactics
– Conclusion

Part 12 – Practice Routines

If its not helping your scoring then its not helping. That is the theme of this part of our journey. We’ve worked hard to get every part of your game as good as possible. Now here is a few practice routines to help keep that consistency.

Course Contents
– Introduction
– How to putt like a PGA tour pro
– Secrets to up and downing it every time
– Plan your game
– Pressure press up putting
– Push up target practice
– Conclusion

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