Letting go golf- Special Event

Golf, I’d Like You to Meet the Power of Spiritual Wisdom

You’re invited to join Guy Finley and a small, elite group of golf instructors as they teach you how to use Guy Finley’s invaluable “Letting Go” principle to find an extraordinary new way to play the game!

First Inaugural Fundraiser Golf Event

All proceeds from this first-of-its-kind fundraiser will be donated directly to Guy Finley’s non-profit Life of Learning Foundation to help it continue its important work.

If you love the game of golf (or can remember a time when you did), then this message was meant just for you.My name is Doug Norby and I’m a long-time student of Guy Finley’s teachings as well as a volunteer at his non-profit Life of Learning Foundation. I’m also the co-founder of a company called Letting Go Golf. If you’re like me, you feel grateful — perhaps even amazed — for the difference Guy’s teachings have made in your life.Most people know that Guy spends hours and hours each day uncovering deeper and more profound insights — insights that help us let go of old limitations and realize a life of extraordinary meaning and depth.But what you may not know is that Guy also is an avid golfer. In between his periods of contemplation and his long sessions of writing in front of a computer screen, he likes to get out and onto the course at least once each week, where he works at blending spiritual understanding with the game of golf.

But it turns out he’s not the only one.

Over the past seven years two professional golf instructors, Steve DiMarco and Dave Marsh, have found Guy’s teachings and together the four of us — Guy, Steve, Dave, and myself — have worked tirelessly to incorporate the principle of Letting Go into every aspect of the game. The result — what we now refer to as Letting Go Golf — has been overwhelming . . .

Imagine finishing 18 holes knowing that you’ve been able to use that entire round to become a wiser, better-balanced human being!

I’m writing you today because now there is a way for you to learn how to take advantage of this possibility for transformation through the game of golf.

I am pleased to announce our company’s inaugural fund-raising event, Letting Go Golf, slated for July 21-22, 2016 in southern Oregon, to benefit the important work of Guy Finley’s nonprofit Life of Learning Foundation.

This is your invitation to join a small group of golfers and exceptionally gifted instructors as we discover how to use Guy’s invaluable “Letting Go” principles to find an entirely new way to play the game of golf.

Learn to love the game as it’s intended to be played: free of the crippling fear over outcome and without the stress and strain of feeling like you have to “prove” yourself.

  • Let go of habitual painful reactions and negative self-judgments after each swing, and instead begin to use every swing and every step to learn something you’ve never seen about yourself before
  • Become aware of and drop the tension and nervousness you feel every time you approach the first tee
  • Swing without fear because you’re so grounded in the present moment that painful doubts can’t find their way into your mind, let alone limit the ease of your swing

I have played this amazing game most of my life, and I can tell you that Letting Go Golf has created a level of enjoyment from my game like nothing I’ve ever known before.

And now I’m delighted to be launching this inaugural golf event and fundraiser for Life of Learning Foundation, designed to help players at all handicap levels play the kind of game they’ve always wished for . . . where the course becomes a living laboratory for exploration and discovery, instead of a dungeon filled with frustration and fear.

Letting Go Golf is a revolutionary two-day event that is not just another mental approach to the game. This program will teach you, through self-observation, how to use the whole of the game, both interior and exterior, to improve your game and your life. You will learn how to use every move you make on the course as a one-of-a-kind journey to self-discovery.

You will discover:

  • How to integrate your inner game with the physical/outer game.
  • Simple, practical exercises to bring awareness into every shot.
  • Practical swing exercises to help create more freedom and release tension.
  • How to develop more presence and awareness on the course to bring the joy back to your game.
  • A bulletproof, fear-proof, outcome-free pre-shot routine.

PLUS you will experience:

  • Round Table discussions with Guy Finley
  • Hands on interaction — including personal instruction from a team of golf professionals and fellow inner-life students who want to create a new culture for golf for players at any level
  • Two fun days (27 holes) of non-threatening team tournaments at beautiful Grants Pass Country Club
  • The opportunity to visit Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation and be a part of the weekend activities

The special introductory cost for this event is only $495.00.

Right now we’re gathering information to find out how many people are interested. No commitment is required at this point, but do keep in mind that this inaugural event will be limited to 36 participants, so please respond as soon as possible.

Simply click the link below to go to our Contact Page and then fill out the form to let me know you’re interested and that you would like to learn more. I will get you additional information and answer any questions you have right away.


Also, while you’re there feel free to peruse the website and learn more.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Doug Norby
Life of Learning Foundation


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