Pro Series: Introduction

Introduction to our 11 part pro series.Taking you through all the aspects to help you make is as a professional golfer. These golf tips, drills and ways of thinking will help you excel in your development as a professional golfer.

We will start our series with putting tips working our way through wedge play, how to draw and fade the ball, simple ups and downs, how to keep momentum, how to get power from the tee, fitness and a few of the mental aspects of golf.


Part 1. Putting

Part 2. Wedge Play

Part 3. Shaping the ball

Part 4. Simple up and downs

Part 5. Momentum

Part 6. Irons don’t matter

Part 7. Don’t short side yourself

Part 8. Power from the tee

Part 9. Fitness

Part 10. Golf is like a game of chess

Part 11. Conclusion


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