The law of attraction in golf

A lot has been said about the law of attraction and achieving your dreams, see how you can use this power to get what you want from your golf game. This premium members exclusive article explains how you can change your way of thinking and attract the sort of scores that you desire. This extremely powerful technique can be used on and off the course and is the one secret many tour professionals swear by.

When you look at tour pros there is so little between their swings, putting stroke and strategies this one little secret is the thing that determines whether you will be a good golfer or a great golfer.


There has been much written recently regarding “The law of attraction” and how this can help you achieve or have anything in life that you desire.  The concept behind the law of attraction is to think about and focus on the things you want to happen, rather than the things you don’t want to happen and if you do this you are much more likely to achieve those things.  Could this actually work? I hear you say.

We live in a cynical world where people find pleasure in knocking something they know little or nothing about or don’t understand.  My take on the law of attraction and how it can relate to improving your golf game is this.

Without doubt and I believe this 100%, if a person can change their thought process from that of expecting negative results to happen, to one where they see the optimum result their life will instantly begin improve.

Consistently searching and identifying positive events and lessons that inevitably show themselves from day to day, will make for a much happier existence.

When events unfold on or off the golf course, if you can stay focused on thinking positively, if you can keep a smile on your face, except results good and bad with the same sense of perspective and except the greater good, if you can “devoid of question” commit to this process every single day of your life, with out doubt, in fact with out a shadow of a doubt, “The law of attraction” will have the opportunity to surprise you.  But you have to think this way all the time, not just when you want a new set of clubs or to hit a par 5 green in 2.

Does it mean if you think about winning the Masters, The British Open or the club medal that it will happen automatically? does it mean that if you think about driving around in a brand new red Ferrari that tomorrow morning you’ll wake up and it’ll be on the drive? No, probably not.

The none commercial law of attraction is not about magic wishes, not to intelligent people anyway, it’s not about fooling yourself into false hope, the law of attraction should be a trigger that’s gets you to start to take action and except responsibilities for your own thoughts.  Taking action is what really counts, taking accountability for setting a plan to improve yourself on the links and even off them.  To no longer accept that something isn’t attainable. However what a lot of skeptics fail to realize or consider is, what’s the alternative to thinking positively and expecting good things to happen to you and others around you, thinking negatively that’s what.

This makes the real secret to “The law of attraction” backing up your thoughts, wishes and desire’s with an action plan.  That’s why I hope the book you are reading right now will help you become unstoppable because you understand that without a clear plan of action even the best idea’s either took a lot longer time to happen or simply just didn’t in the first place.

My criticism with the majority of the books or articles I have read on these subjects is that many of them had great messages and information about how to improve life in business, sport, relationships and in the field of money, however the majority fall into the same trap, they never explained or took the time to layout an exact plan for me or anyone else to follow, almost without exception I was left feeling positive and then quickly that positivity turned to the thought “What do I do now” and “How can I best put this into practice”.  I think of myself as intelligent, well some days anyway, however if I’m honest I always felt like I needed a push.  Because it was left for me to design a plan and more importantly stick to it, it was without doubt much harder to do.  I was always questioning if I was doing it right, was I doing enough, or was I doing too much.

There’s a reason top business people have adviser’s, why Tiger and co have swing coaches and personal trainer’s, sometimes you need help and that is why I have worked really hard on designing a plan of action and a method that will work for any level of golfer, the plan is there for you to use in full, however it is fine to tweak it a little to suit your personal preferences.  Just do one thing for me, but really for yourself………. commit to the process and never give in.

Plan to achieve and achieve your plan.



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